Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Surprising Myself

19 Jan 2009

I am really suprising myself by how much I've changed my eating habits with little or no effort! I just kind of told myself to eat 3 meals a day & a few snacks, instead of eating (grazing) on food constantly throughout the day. I haven't been able to work out much this week, but just eating more healthy portions and with regular meals, I feel better about myself. A lot better!

The fact is, when I had a slice of Sam's pizza today, I thought it didn't look like enough food. I ate it slowly, adding crushed red pepper (yummy), and by time it was finished I was not hungry anymore! ME! Who used to be able to eat two or three with no guilt! And now, nearly two hours later, I'm still satisfied, not even ready to think about the next meal yet.

So here's to jumping over hurdles with joy and laughter!


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