Wednesday, January 14, 2009

13 January and ONE WEEK TO GO!!!

Or in the words of my fabulous husband Johnny (did I mention he's such a romantic?) "I wish it wasn’t another week before you come home. It feels like you’ve been away for ever" - and he goes on to say he can't wait to see me. Me too!!! But of course, 7 days becomes 9 real days... ya know: Leave on Tuesday, arrive on Thursday! ***ssssiighh***

And I didn't even overeat until this evening! In fact I didn't eat much food during the day!

I didn't do an official cardio work-out, but I did get my heart rate up a few times. Then Pricilla and I went to Artic Circle and got Ice creams :D I got chocolate banana. Couldn't taste the banana, but the chocolate was what I was most looking forward to anyway.... "Lady Chocolate" is my name on my weight-loss message board I used to visit, and still do sometimes. That was until this blog started. Talking to myself I think is good enough for now. I'd be suprised if I had any viewers yet anyway.

I'll start to weigh in with big weight loss numbers and then you'll see!!! Can't wait LOL


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