Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Busy Day

28 Jan 09

No time for cardio, but my heart rate was up a lot today. I was on my feet all day, except when in the car, and for about 1/2 hour I was emailing.

Feeling tired, but great. Counted every calorie, and still not hungry. This is definitely the way to diet!

Chicken Paprika for dinner tonight, with pasta, mushrooms and capsicum (bell peppers, for the American viewers). The sauce made with paprika, canned tomatoes, and sour cream - reduced fat of course. SOOOO yummy! And a huge hit with the family too... should I tell them they're on a diet? LOL Maybe some day.

I feel like creating a goal for tomorrow. How about exercise. I have so much to do around the house that if I don't plan this I will never get around to it!!!

So, tomorrow I will exercise at 9:45. This is my appointment with myself. That gives me just enough time to get home from dropping the kids at school, finish a load of laundry, dishes, and change into work-out clothes. Perfecto. I'll do 1 set, 15 or so reps each, then take Gracie for a bike ride in the trailer. I am sooooo happy Johnny gave me that bike trailer for Christmas. At first (maybe you could imagine) I was disappointed that my gift wasn't something better. But my gift for him was just as lame. But now it's proving to be the most wonderful thing!!!

Anyway, I'm off to do dishes. Again. Seriously need a dishwasher... or a maid :)

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