Friday, January 30, 2009

First Week Weigh-In

30 Jan 2009

My official weigh-in is 75.2k (165.8lbs)! I lost 1.4k, or 2.6lbs!

Couldn't be happier - especially considering I had a melt-down last night and raided a stash of chocolate I came across. I ate 200 extra calories for the day, and 4 extra grams of fat (off-set because I ate less for dinner). But actually, I think my problem was even though I ate enough calories for lunch, the fat grams were lower. My lunch goal is 500 cal, 16g fat - I ate 523 cal, 10g fat. I really need to be carefull not to eat less than what I'm supposed to - or maybe my problem is the huge bar of Toblerone chocolate on the shelf in the fridge! I'll ask my DH to throw it out, if he's not going to eat it, when he comes home. That will help.

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