Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I've moved!

It's a new season of life for me.

I actually feel like a new person.

Because I'm no longer Yo-Yoing, I'm moving on.

Check out my new blog at :

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Goal set

For a few years I have wanted to lose weight.
But I know it takes more than wanting.
It requires a plan, a goal, and consistent healthy behaviour.

After a few weeks, yet again, of "oh well, I'll try again tomorrow"
I've woken this morning, on "Weigh-in Wednesday" (at 76.4kg)
With a resolve to lose just 1 kg by next Wednesday.
So my goal is 75.4.
Then 74.4 the week after that.
And 73.4 the week after that.
My goal is consistent weight-loss for the next 15 weeks.

The plan:
Plan, plan, plan.
Organise and diarise, as Michelle Bridgeswould say.
Anticipate every potential "red flag" moment/event and prepare.
Resolve to be healthy.
And exercise daily (except Friday, my day off).

But for now, focus on just one little kg.
Focus on following my set menu plan.
Exercise according to schedule.
I am set to become a machine.

And I've also weighed the cost, and am prepared to pay the price.
I know that for the first couple weeks I'll be hungry.
I'll have ugly cravings.
I'll be sore all over.
It will be hard and I will probably want to give up.
More than once.
But... I'm ready.

Goal set.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Not afraid of temptation

I feel great! I have been listening to Michelle bridges 12wbt preseason tasks all week. The ones I've listened to a few times each, and then filed away. Actually, truthfully, I listened to them each over and over and over. I knew they were powerful. I knew how helpful they'd be. Abut still I had to be ready to hear - truly hear - their message. Today I listened to 'Get Real' and 'organise and diarise'. Such timely reminders! The biggest piece of advise I took in this time was to identify red flag events. I have 3 this coming week. Monday I'm going out with hubby to a movie. I'll bring an apple :) Friday evening is the Garden Party - that I'm organising! I'll bring an apple, and have chickpea salad for dinner. And I will bring myself a diet soda. Not really my drink - I don't even like soda. But when a girl gives up alcohol cold turkey and is forced to hang out with a large group of drinking friends... A diet soda will have to do. And last, but not least, Saturday is my girls birthday party. Lanaya is 8 (actual birthday on Friday). Gracie is 5 (actual birthday on Sunday). We're going ten-pin bowling, where the food options will surely be meat pie's and deep fried food. I'm packing myself a tuna salad :) And cadyn and I will be running 4km that morning. I am ready. Temptation- you don't scare me!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Woah, did I really just lose 1kg overnight?

Only one day on Mish's meal-plans and that what happens.

I have to say,
I have tried everything over the last 10 years.
So, in February, when I saw the details of the 12wbt plan,
my brain interpreted "1200 calories" to "Calorie Counting".
I had already, subconsciously, convinced myself it wouldn't work...
I've already tried calorie counting.
At least 5 times in the last two years alone!

It never has, and never will work for me.
(We'll get to the reason why in a second).

So then I looked at the 12wbt exercise.
1 hour (burn 500 calories), 6days/week.
I thought, "wait, that is new."
So I focused on that.
I quickly saw, it made me hungry.
Ravenous, out-of-control hungry.
So then 1200 calories was impossible.
Here's the reason why:
I now know that I'm not good at food choices, obviously.
1200 of "my" calorie choices leave me hungry!
But after 10 years on the yo-yo diet,
I was tired of it.
And in the last 2 years, I've found myself saying "just this once" multiple times a day.

So about 2-3 weeks into the 12wbt,
I gave up.
Not on weight loss, just 12wbt.
I wasn't sure where to go, what to do.
I fell into multiple rounds of self-pity,
I wanted to try another program even
(bootcamp, 6 days/week - something new).

3 days in, I knew that wouldn't work either.

I thought, "HEY! Wake up!
Weight-loss is 80% diet.
Just try the 12wbt food program!"

So after almost 10 weeks,
I finally gave myself permission to try again. (see this post)

On Sunday, I posted my reserves and concerns on the forums.
I received heaps of support!
There are other mums out there losing weight.
Lot's of weight!
I can too.
Concerns relived.
Now there's nothing to stop me!

Today is a new day.
Full of confidence, commitment, and expectation.

When I said yesterday, I had a lightbulb moment,
I meant it!
With a bit of soul searching with an open heart,
and a LOT of prayer,
God has set me on a path to success.
Thank you Heavenly Father :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 1, 100%

Today, I am seriously, a brand new girl!
I'm loving it!
As long as I stick to the plan,
which I am committed to!
Everything should go perfect.

B - Oatmeal planned, but didn't have enough time in the end.
      Had 2 slices of toast & an apple instead, same exact calories :)
S - Bruchetta, as planned. YUM!
L - Turkey sandwhich (roast beef planned, but the deli didn't have any).
S - Cuppa coffee from my brand new pod coffee machine! YAY!
D - Poached chicken, mixed bean & ginger salad from CTCB (Crunchtime Cookbook, Michelle Bridges)
D - cuppa tea

I haven't counted the calories in total, but it is exactly as planned, so it should fall about 1200 :)

I also want to blog about my plan going forward.
Right now, I'm learning how to plan/prepare/eat the 12wbt meals and snacks.
I think it will take about 3 weeks at 100% before I'll be confident enough to go further.
Baby steps.
I will throw in some proper exercise soon,
but I really don't want to jump in the deep end,
as I've done countless times before,
and burn-out.
Nope. Not this time.
This is for LIFE!
So, right now, it's day by day.
Nutrition comes first.
3 meals, 2 snacks.
No more IF.
I will definitely throw in some fasting days/meals later...
but let's not get ahead of ourselves...

Today = great :)

Journal Entry

Ya know, I think I learn the most when I put pen to paper.

I had my light bulb moment this morning.

When prayer seems unanswered, and there's nowhere else to turn,
Start asking questions.

Here's a copy of what I wrote in my journal a few moments ago:

"Struggling, with a capital S.
I want God's best for me.
I also want to lose weight.
At most times these two seem like contradictions.
God wants me to love others.
Weight-loss is selfish, self-love.

But if I cannot, or am not happy with myself,
I am useless to others...
A miserable, self-centered, regretful, doubtful, negative pile of pity.

Today I will do something about it.
I will get myself in order.
In control of myself.
So that I CAN give God's best to people around me.
Because, honestly, as I am now, that is a bit hypocritical of me.

How could someone a mess, unhappy with their own state,
help others be better? Not possible.
LIGHTBULB :)   ("Despicable Me" quote)