Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our Growing Family

I always wanted to have more children.
But after my youngest turned 5, I resigned to the fact that my husband just didn't.
He said, "Maybe someday."
But I wouldn't want my kids to grow up with such a big age gap.
So a year and a half ago, I gave away all our baby stuff.
The pram (stroller), car seats, baby clothes, portable cot, everything.
Now, (my youngest is 6) and....
I'm pregnant!
Due 8 May 2014.
My husband's idea of course.
I'm not thrilled about the 7 year gap.
(I am thinking I might need to have more than one so he can have a playmate.)
((Yeah, hoping it's a he :))

Problem is, I have certainly lost my confidence in caring for a little baby.
Truth is, I'm pretty nervous.
And excited!
And really really nervous!
It's been 6 years ago!
I was a completely different person then!
Oh well. Been there, done that... maybe it's like riding a bicycle?

As for weight-loss, I'm obviously not going to restrict my food too much.
But I am hoping to stay the same weight throughout pregnancy,
And make very healthy food choices, of course.
I've heard WW has an excellent nursing mothers program starting when the baby is 6 weeks old.
Remembering back to after Cadyn (my first born, now 11) was born,
My best diet ever was done when he was a baby.
I lost 17 lbs in 12 weeks.
It was pretty hard.
But I think I will be mighty inspired to get my body back into shape.

So, here's to a great 8 months ahead!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

6 days

I've been doing so well! 
At my first WW meeting on Monday, I was excited, it was really great. 
I even survived the weekend within my pp allowance. 
I was on fire! 
Then yesterday I got a crazy sweet craving, and instead of having a chai tea, which usually calms me down and satisfies that craving, or even having a chocolate protein shake, which I did think about briefly, I decided to bake. 
I found a bar of white chocolate which I was going to use for baking, and baked with half of it, and ate the other half.
Then I ate some of the white chocolate coconut slice that I baked.
Then I had a few beers. 
Then I ate fish and chips we bought for dinner instead of cooking my healthy stir fry I had planned.
Then a few more beers.
And not one bit of exercise to speak of. 
Yes. I had a blowout.

Today is a new day.
And I'm going to be over my pp again.
But not as bad as yesterday.
I had two more pieces of white choc coconut slice, and 2 lunches instead of one.
But I am stopping it right now,
I have done a 30 min swim this morning, and I have a stroke correction class this evening, so more swimming. 
That will help.

And tomorrow is a new day.