Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm officially a Uni student!

1 March - really?
Where has time gone?

I've been SUPER busy
A) trying to catch up on life after Melbourne.
and B) Starting University!

I'm studying Mass Communications with both Journalism and PR focus.
Goal: Publishing.
I want to write! Surprise, surprise. Not.
It would be nice to actually get TIME to write!
Can't believe it's been a month since my last post. Sorry.

Uni News: I'm taking 3 classes at QUT (Queensland University of Technology).
Marketing, Professional Communications, and Newswriting.
I won't have much time for this blog, but I'll update "regularly"(whatever that means)
Plus, I've joined a QUT Sailing Club (most exciting!), 2 Christian clubs, and I plan to work hard to get distinctions, if not high distinctions.
I'll be praying hard this year!
Especially praying to make sure I give attention & love to the kids,
and not neglect my house-work.
I'm worried about getting off-balance. But then again, I'm not worried. God is faithful :)
Oh, and did I mention, parking on campus is terrible, so I have to ride my bike!
I have one class at Gardens Point in Brisbane,
and two classes in Kelvin Grove campus, so it's HILLS! Major hills.
My butt better get shrinking, cuz it's got it's work cut out for it!
I rode about 60km (hills!) between Mon & Tues, with 3 brand new big textbooks in my backpack! (I won't mention how much the small fortune was that I paid for these!)
Go me!

Weight-loss news: Well, my exercise habits are now daily.
I feel awesome.
But have I lost any weight? Nope.
I had blood work done to see if my body is dysfunctional.... secretly hoping it is.
It'd be good to have a true reason why my metabolism doesn't work as opposed to "You're just not trying hard enough", because you know what?
  • I've given up alcohol,
  • I eat small meals,
  • I fast breakfast,
  • I only drink water,
  • I cut out cheese and sweets,
  • and I am LOADED on veg and healthy protein,
  • AND I'm capped at 1200 calories....
Whatever.I'm not giving up because I do feel good :)

My Husband: Doing great!
Even after his father's death, he seems to be stronger, happier, and def more affectionate towards me!
Great! Loving it!
His birthday is tomorrow, 38.
I'm getting a nice photo of his father done up for him.
( I wish he was easier to buy for...)
Oh, I'll make him his favourite lemon meringue pie as well :)

So that's it. That's why I've been absent.
Thank you Annie for checking in on me, because if you hadn't encouraged me to post, I would have keep putting this on the bottom of the list, I'm that busy.
But now that it's written, I feel so much better.
I love to write! It's so therapeutic.

Hoping you're all having a great day.
God bless!

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Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

It made my day to see that you had a post up!!! I've missed you, girl! I need my Weekend Challenge buddy back. =)

I'm so glad to hear everything is going awesome on your side... especially with your husband and going to school(!!!). CONGRATS girl! I've been wanting to go back (I work for the Uni here so it'd be FREE) but just can't make the commitment. Lame, I know.

Well here's hoping to "see" more of you on the blog.

And thank you so much for your awesome comment on my blog the other day. REALLY made my day!!!