Monday, March 26, 2012

Get Ready for Summer Challenge

Kinda funny, but not the first time I've taken part in a "Summer challenge" here in our Australian Winter :)
That's cool.
It's about the support and challenge, not the season.

Week 1 task - set goals!
This will be good.

  1. Weight loss - 10 weeks, 10 kg! (That's 20lbs)
  2. NSV (Non-Scale Victory) - Get into my size 10 dress!
  3. Exercise - Bootcamp 6 days a week!
  4. Nutrition - No alcohol except Saturday, limit 3. Otherwise, track & post calories - goal 1300/day
That's it!
Just Faithfully Do It!


Kristy said...

Great goals! I look forward to following along as you meet your goals.

Treadmill Hiker said...

I like that: "Just Faithfully Do It". That's perfect! I may use that in my blog too.

Good luck with your weekly goal! I hope we can help keep each other motivated through this challenge.


The Crazy Fat said...

I am really with you on the Bootcamp goal, but it's so early in the morning for me, ughhhh. MUST. DO. IT.

Good Luck!

Alana Jo said...

Great goals. 20 lbs is very doable!

Debsdailylife said...

Bootcamp 6 days a week!! WOW!!! Bootcamp kicks me in the rear!! I cant wait to hear/read about Australia!!

Anonymous said...

Love your nutrition goals! Amen to the 3 drinks! I'll be raising my glass at my cheat meal on Saturday to you. :)

Shannon said...

Good luck on your goals!


PlumPetals said...

Sounds like good achievable goals :) Good luck with the challenge!