Sunday, January 29, 2012

Life will always have something going on

What a week. (total understatement!)

I'm back in Melbourne.

My dear father-in-law Hughie passed away on Tuesday.

My husband is organising everything for the funeral,
with lots of help from the family.
And, may I say - what a LOVELY family he has.
Actually, I will say, What a LOVELY family I have.
This week I have been fully embraced by the in-law's as a daughter.
Not a daughter-in-law...
A thick as blood true blue daughter.
I feel loved.

Now, even though I've had a hell of a week (pardon my french)
I have stayed committed to living a healthy lifestyle through it all.
Because even though I have a perfectly good excuse to "give up" or at least "pause" on the weight-loss,
ya know - just temporarily,
but this week I've looked back and didn't like what I found.
I noticed that I have become a person who is VERY good at finding any excuse.
To start again later.
Perhaps tomorrow...
Monday's a good day....
Next Monday, lol

But here's the truth:
Life will always have something going on.
But the bigger truth is this:
There's no excuse worth living unhealthy.
No more excuses.
Yeah, yeah - I know this week life has thrown me a big one.
But I've found this week that I can
and I will
rise above life's curve balls.
I will live the life I'm meant to live!
I AM meant to live healthy.
It's who I am.
I am a new creation
and I no longer have ANY excuse.

Okay, okay, so I have been drinking a little bit this week...
I'm not perfect and never will be.
But I haven't been drinking excessively, and I've been eating small meals,
(it helps to be with my husband 24/7 - he's what I'd call a "skinny eater")
and I've been walking every day!
And, surprise, surprise:
My body feels good!
Taken care of properly, ya know?
It's the least I can do for myself during this hard time.
I deserve it :)

So, now to play catch up with my 12WBT challenge, here are my goals for the next year:

Overall Weight-loss Goals
Lose 18kg (get down to 59kg)
Fit into Size 10 jeans

1 Month Goal
Lose 3.5kg
Run 10km
Eating less!!!
Run 3 times a week, starting with 60min run/walk,
building up to 10km distance within that 60 minutes.
Map it out on

3 Month Goal:
Lose 10kg
Run 21km
Keep training, keep myself in check,
and book my first 1/2 marathon.

6 Month Goal:
Get to my goal weight of 59kg.

Run 1/2 marathon weekly (by myself, not in fun-run).

12 Month Goal:
Maintain my loss, keeping my weight at 59kg
Celebrate with a nice Family photo for Christmas 2012

Easy Peasy :)
Peace out!


Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

So sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Please let your husband know I'll be keeping you and him in my thoughts.

Mary @ DesignerOfMe said...

Yes you do have a wonderful family!

Good luck on your goals and keep us posted on how you're doing!

Trudi said...

So sorry to hear about your loss, but very ha[y you have stayed on track and are feeling very loved and supported by family....

Miss Directions said...

Nice goals :-)
JFDI was my 'how' for most of mine too!

Mrs. Sheila said...

Hey sweets! New blog up! :)

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Hey Girl,
Hope things are going well with you... we miss you!

Just wanted to stop by to see how you're doing and let you know I tagged you on my blog today so please check it out if you have a chance. I really enjoy your blog so wanted to point my readers in your direction.