Monday, March 26, 2012

Mondays rock!

Okay, so this weekend I didn't track what I ate, and it probably wasn't all that great anyway.
Very busy, and eating out...but I didn't lose all control.
Sometimes we just do the best we can with the given circumstance.
And then, start again.
I love a fresh start!
Mondays in particular :)
This week is exciting because I plan to do Bootcamp each and EVERY morning!
Then Friday arvo we go camping for a week!
Not just my own family, but several friends' families are joining us too!
Good times.

So, before I go on our camping holiday,
I will track eating/calories this week.
Just to keep accountable.

Bootcamp 6-7am
7:45am - 1 slice bread - 70
               cheese - 40
               tomato & avacado - 50
10am - 2 stuffed tomatoes, leftover - 240
10:30 - carrots, celery & hommus - 100
Total so far - 500
1pm - 2 slices pizza - 340
          cheesy garlic bread - 200
3pm - chips - 200
6:30 - bowl of home-made chicken crock-pot soup 200
7pm - tea 30
Total: 1470 calories

I am making a big change!
I realised today that a big problem of mine is portion control at dinner time.
There is always a reason why "I deserve a little more."
But it's really healthy food...
But I exercised today...
But it's only like 50 calories more...
But I'll do an extra work-out tomorrow.... (yeah sure)
But I'll only eat one serving tomorrow.... (yeah right!)
So as of today, I will not allow myself to eat seconds.
No matter how "starving" I am,
I will only eat one salad plate or bowl of food.
No more.
Sound like a good plan?

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