Sunday, March 18, 2012


I've been doing some soul searching.
I need to stop "trying" to lose weight half-heartedly.

I need to commit.

I'm talking about getting fit.

This time, I'm not going full-steam ahead.
I'm changing my habits and routine slowly.
No more talk of half-marathons, until I get the basics down!
And to get me there, I think I need accountability.

I can see how some of my crappy habits are getting easier to hide, or ignore, or justify.

No more.

I want to post daily a food journal, and exercise journal.

PLEEEEEESE beat me up if I'm lacking - or encourage me to do better.

Tomorrow - Day 1.


Meals: All about Protein
 Calorie cap - 1300 
 1-2 Protein Snacks - No fruit/carbs
 Break/fast about 10-11
 Lunch - pre-planned, packed, and protein filled.
 Dinner - Last meal before 6pm. Portion control.
 Dessert - fruit & cuppa tea

 M -30 min morning walk & any dvd
 T - Riding bike all day to/from Uni
 W - 30 min morning walk & yoga dvd
 Th - 30 min morning walk & gardening
 F - 30 min morning walk & ride bike to/from Uni
 S - Rest day
 Sun - K. Point Cliffs Circuit min 6 rounds

Also, each and every day,
6 min sweat session:
1. Squat Jumps
2. Burpees
3. Free squats
4. Push ups
5. Knee high jog
6. Sit-ups 
It's a 30-day exercise that starts on 20 March (Tuesday).
You do 50 sec of each one, and take a 10-sec rest while you write down how many you've done. 
After the 30 days, you should increase of course.

So this will be it. No more half-marathon goals. 
I WILL run a half marathon - but training will just have to wait.

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Maren said...

I really hope that the challenge will help you with at least some accountability, that's the whole point :)