Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Car in the shop

Okay... strange day.
Usually ride bike to uni.
Today, my windscreen wipers are broken, so I had to take the car in...
then rush to Uni.
Took a taxi.
Then had to taxi back to pick up the kids
and ride the bus home.
Rushed to make dinner - chili YUM!
And now on my way out the door for an evening class.
Phew! Tuesdays' are crazy!

Breakfast - oops. Gave in to cravings. Leftover kids meal - naughty.
    7am - Pancake and jam - 150
Lunch - 12pm - (pre-packed! Go me!)
                 homemade veg & cheese sandwich - 300
                orange drink - 140! WHAT?! Yikes!
                fresh pineapple - 30
               3 apple/cinnamon rice cakes - 115
 Total so far - 735
Dinner 4:30pm
             Bowl of chili (I'll say it again - YUM!) - 450
Daily total - 1185!

YAY! That's 2 days.

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