Sunday, January 15, 2012

We all make Mistakes


It's happened again.
Dieting Yo-Yo.
I had 5 wonderful,
exercise filled,
healthy and happy days...

Then came the weekend.


Mistake #1.
I didn't get up to walk "Because it's Saturday."
THAT is a bogus excuse.
Never again.
My alarm will be set to 6am EVERY DAY.
Not just every week day.
Every day.
Even if it's just a walk, it's good for me.
It set's the tone.

Mistake #2.
I've gone ALL week without it.
I decided to "just have a few" because it was the weekend.
Again, bogus excuse.
I'm trying to lose weight!
I shouldn't be drinking.

Mistake #3.
Over-indulging when eating out.
Again, I've gone all week doing good.
Eating small, healthy portions.
Not overeating.
And feeling great.
Just because I'm at a restuaunt does NOT give me a licence to stuff my face.
And besides, it feels gross.


Okay. Today's a new day :)


Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Happens to ALL of us but you've got the right attitude to keep you moving in the right direction. Make TODAY the best day of your week so far!

Mary @ DesignerOfMe said...

Take it easy and don't give yourself a hard time! Give yourself a pat on the back for an awesome week and pick it up again today :D