Monday, January 9, 2012


Day 1
I woke up with my 6:30AM alarm!
And put on my "gym" clothes
(I quit the gym in Oct )
and hit the road!
My plan, as outlined in my diary last night:
Warm-up walk 5 minutes [Check]
Jog 10 minutes, turn around, and come back 10 minutes. [kinda... jog/walk for 20 min total anyway...]
At home, do 50 push ups and 50 sit-ups. [not]
Yoga stretch.[not]

I will do a Yoga dvd later this arvo.

The point is:
I AM dedicated!
I know it's only day 1, and I only got through 1/2 of my ambitious plan,
but that was still a HUGE step for a girl who hasn't worked out in like 3 months.

(Note to self: Don't plan on running at 6:30am - in Brisbane it's already like 28 degrees and hot! Walk in mornings, Run at night, after the sun goes down.)

1/2 cup OJ
Small decaf tea
1 Mango :)



Christine said...

Great Job! Feels good to follow through, does it not?! Have a great rest of your day!

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

VICTORY indeed! Awesome job girl! Weekend challenges coming up? Since we're both training for running, we cal also do miles!!!