Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting High

I am in love with health!
It beats drinking too much beer
and being lazy
and eating too much.

Yesterday I had a friend over for lunch,
so although I made healthy choices for food,
I did over-indulge
and felt a bit sick (full).
After only two day of not feeling that,
it felt GROSS!
How was I ever addicted to that full feeling?
It feels gross.
due to the extreme heat in Brisbane
I took the kids to the movies.
It was our third movie this holiday.
(Tin Tin, excellent movie btw!)
I always ALWAYS have a small popcorn to share with the kids when we go.
Yesterday, with the gross full tummy,
I got the kids frozen yogurt, I had a few small bites of theirs,
and I drank a bottle of  water :)
That is a victory!

However, I did end up on 1400 calories, (goal is 12-1300)
But I also had no exercise.
so I jumped on the bike and went for a night ride!
It was amazing.
I was free!
Full orange moon rising over the horizon,
Lovers cuddling and kissing all along the river, enjoying the romance of the scene,
and it really did get my cardio level up!
A bit unexpected.
I forget how much your heart  rate can jump when you're not going slow so the kids can keep up.
It was amazing.

And to continue the momentum,
this morning I got up with my alarm (6am) to go for a 45 min walk.
(remember, I decided not to run in the morning because it makes my appetite skyrocket all day!)
and now I feel AWESOME!
I feel high!
I have extreme amounts of energy, and I'm ready for the day!
And I am not hungry yet either!
I'm also typing a million miles an hour :) lol

I hereby commit to walking 45min every morning.

Today I'm taking the kids to the park, picnic lunch,
Perhaps I'll finally get to that Yoga video, that I've been talking about for a week, while the kids take their afternoon rest.
Then I'll cook a healthy dinner from Michelle Bridges Crunch Time Cookbook!
And perhaps another bike ride :)

Have a blessed day!

(PS. See, I don't need a gym membership after all!)

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What else can be said? So happy for you!