Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 2

Okay, so Day 2 hasn't really even started yet, but I have just a few things to say.

I did end up having a couple beers yesterday.
But only 2. I resisted a third.
I still ended up 1 lb lighter this morning.
I am so excited at the potential weight loss!!!
If I stick to this all week - which I absolutely plan on doing
I reckon I'll lose maybe 3-4 lbs! YES!

I wasn't really hungry all day yesterday except in the afternoon.
I must watch out for those hours of temptation.
And after I went to sleep I was hungry.
I never get that!
I guess I am way too used to gorging myself with seconds at dinner, plus finishing the kids meals, and possibly a few beers, and going to bed full.
But as I lay in bed last night, hungry... I couldn't help be think of my body converting fat into energy.
WW, thank you for helping me control my food!

Porridge & berries for brekky. It's my super food.


Christine Jeske said...

Yum. Can't wait for brekky now..... :D

Chupsie said...

Finishing my daughter's food is the deal breaker for me. :( Im so happy to be back on board with you! xoxo