Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 1 on WW

I know WW "Points" is sort of like counting calories (my nemesis)
But it is way more fun!
It's exciting, as new weight-loss programs often are... in the beginning.
For example, today I've earned 3 points for walking 35 min, and am about to earn some more with a dvd workout.
I only ate 6 points for breakfast, 7 for lunch, and going for 10 at dinner.
10 points - for chicken tacos! I can eat THREE! Yessssss :)
That's a total 23 today.
I can have 31! Plus the three exercise points I earned (plus the points I'm about to earn!)
Maybe I can have a few beers!
Wait... lemme check the points...

One bottle of ale is 5 points.
Low-carb or light beer is 4 points.

And do you know what? If I have one beer, there'll be 5 more calling my name from the fridge.
That's 20 points for the normal four beers I'd have on a Friday night.

Not this weekend!
This weekend is Alcohol free.

I'm so proud of myself.
I have to admit, today before lunch, I added up what I was going to eat, and when I discovered it would be 14 points, I thought to myself, "Is this food really worth the points?"
I decided to make better choices, and ended up being really full on only 7!
THAT is what WW is all about.

You have one very happy mumma here.
A soon-to-be very much lighter mumma!

In other news, I went to an interview at UQ this morning.
It's not as desirable as I thought it was going to be.
They're looking for after school and weekends (along with everyone else).
If I can just get my lifeguard quals, I can stay at Bluefit in Spring Hill (SOooooooo close to home!) and work there.
If I need more hours, I'll just work on Saturdays or after school at NF, which pays better anyway.
Just for the summer season.
I'll talk to Johnny tonight and see what he thinks I should do.

Gracie (my 6 yo) is spending the night at a friends' home tonight, along with 5 other giddy girls. Poor parents! We did that only 2 months ago with the same group of friends, and it was chaos! Two ended up in tears. It was memorable, that's for sure. This group of girls will be t.r.o.u.b.l.e. come high school. Oh dear.

Okay! Off to put on work-out clothes, and burn some fat :)

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Christine Jeske said...

Yay! I did some weight watching last year and I loved it. Very good program. Have you been going to meetings?