Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Goal set

For a few years I have wanted to lose weight.
But I know it takes more than wanting.
It requires a plan, a goal, and consistent healthy behaviour.

After a few weeks, yet again, of "oh well, I'll try again tomorrow"
I've woken this morning, on "Weigh-in Wednesday" (at 76.4kg)
With a resolve to lose just 1 kg by next Wednesday.
So my goal is 75.4.
Then 74.4 the week after that.
And 73.4 the week after that.
My goal is consistent weight-loss for the next 15 weeks.

The plan:
Plan, plan, plan.
Organise and diarise, as Michelle Bridgeswould say.
Anticipate every potential "red flag" moment/event and prepare.
Resolve to be healthy.
And exercise daily (except Friday, my day off).

But for now, focus on just one little kg.
Focus on following my set menu plan.
Exercise according to schedule.
I am set to become a machine.

And I've also weighed the cost, and am prepared to pay the price.
I know that for the first couple weeks I'll be hungry.
I'll have ugly cravings.
I'll be sore all over.
It will be hard and I will probably want to give up.
More than once.
But... I'm ready.

Goal set.


Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Glad to see you still going strong!!! One week at a time is totally doable! said...

Thanks for the posts. Good blog.